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Sign up and try it free. Related documents. Figure 4. The chart shows that the portfolio returns were much more variable during and , which influenced the calculated VaR values in the tables on In the global economic crisis began, while judging from the market data, the second wave of crisis in Serbia began in Estimated VaR values should not be taken for granted. From the above it can be seen that the returns of the portfolio on some days exceeded the estimated value of the portfolio VaR.

Therefore verification of the accuracy of the model should be carried out. The easiest way to verify the accuracy of the model is to record the failure rate, which gives the proportion of the number of times the VaR exceeded expectations in a given sample.

Assume that N is the number of times the loss is exceeds. At a given confidence level, N can be too small or too large. The following Table 3 shows how often the loss was greater than anticipated VaR value, for a given level of reliability for years — where T — total number of consecutive VaR predictions, and N — number showing how many times the actual loss exceeded the VaR from the previous day.

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This confidence level refers to the decision on whether to reject the model or not. Kupiec Kupiec, P. Techniques for verifying the accuracy of risk measurement models. The Journal of Derivatives , 3 , 73 — These regions are defined by the tail points of likelihood ratio: Values of N greater or equal to 35 suggest that VaR model represents the probability of large losses lower than it actually is; values of N that are less than or equal to 15 suggest the VaR model is too conservative.

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The following Table 5 presents whether a model is acceptable or not, on the basis of Kupiec likelihood ratio. VaR forecasts are of great importance for financial and risk management. The relative literature includes a variety of different methods. No potential conflict of interest was reported by the authors. Source: www.


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Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Submit an article Journal homepage. Pages Received 26 Sep In this article Close Abstract 1. Introduction 2. Calculating VaR values by applying the delta-normal method 3. General sample information and results of applying the basic delta-normal method for estimating the VaR values for Serbian government bond portfolio 4. Verification of the accuracy of the model 5. Conclusion Disclosure statement References. Assessing the accuracy of delta-normal VaR evaluation for Serbian government bond portfolio.

Abstract Interest rate risk is immanent to all sorts of bonds with a fixed interest rate and has a major impact on the value of the bond. Introduction Risk management represents the core activity for financial institutions operating in the financial market. Calculating VaR values by applying the delta-normal method There is an inverse relationship between bond prices and interest rates, and interest rates may change significantly. Using the link between the price of a bond P , cash flow CF and yield to maturity requested by market r as a starting point: 2 where T is number of time periods, we can come up with the following analytical relationship by deriving with respect to the yield rate: 3 From it follows that: 4 Dividing both sides by P gives us: 5 And consequently: 6 The expression is called modified duration; it enables us to quantify the percentage change in price that would result from an extremely small change in the market yield.

If the above applied to the portfolio of N elements, the return of the portfolio r p could be expressed as follows: 16 where w i represents the weight of the asset i and r i represents the return of the asset i. The variance on the portfolio would be equal to: 17 or in matrix form: Assessing the accuracy of delta-normal VaR evaluation for Serbian government bond portfolio All authors.

Published online: 13 May Table 1. Dates of maturity for bonds. CSV Display Table. Table 2. Calculated VaR values by applying delta-normal method on the different dates, for different confident levels. Display Table.

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Display full size. Verification of the accuracy of the model Estimated VaR values should not be taken for granted. Table 3. Consider two positions in different markets. What are the risk-adjusted returns on capital for the currency trader and for the bill trader, respectively? One advantage of historical simulation over the variance-covariance method when measuring market risk is that historical simulation allows you to:. Making offsetting commitments to minimize the impact of adverse market movements is referred to as a:.

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To convert VaR from a one day holding period to a ten day holding period the VaR number is generally multiplied by:. Delta-normal, historical-simulation, and Monte-Carlo are various methods available to compute VaR. If underlying returns are normally distributed, then the:. The standard VaR calculation for extension to multiple periods assumes that returns are serially uncorrelated. If prices display trends, the true VaR will be:. The pre-commitment approach is a proposal from the Federal Reserve Bank to:.

To develop an effective risk management function within a large financial institution, the head of risk management should report to whom? Some large losses occurred in the past from derivatives trading because:. A number of recent large losses in derivatives could have been prevented by which of the following?

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A trading desk has limits only in outright foreign exchange and outright interest rate risk. Which of the following products can not be traded within the current limit structure? Should the risk manager feel comfortable using only the broker quotes? A trading desk has limits on both VaR and vega. One day there was a limit exception on vega but not on VaR.

What should a risk manager do? Investigate the portfolio of the desk. Raise the vega limit because VaR is relatively high in this case.